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You’re relaxing at home on a cold winter night or perhaps on a sultry summer day. However, you got out of your comfortable cocoon because it suddenly felt too cold or too hot. You’re out of luck – your HVAC system has stopped working.

The first instinctive response you might do is check it out and try to tinker with it to find and fix the problem. Stop and don’t even think about doing a DIY, especially if you have little or no idea what in the world is happening to your heating or air conditioning system.


The answer is simple – you can do more damage than good to your HVAC system if you do it. Instead, grab your phone and call us, HVAC Ottawa Care – your trusted and reliable HVAC experts – and we will be there to help you solve your problem in the shortest time possible.


Your HVAC Professionals in Ottawa

HVAC Ottawa Care is on a mission to provide the best yet reasonable heating and cooling Ottawa service to the residents of the area. That is why we make it a point to answer each query and request in the quickest and most efficient way and arrive at your place in a timely manner.

Being on time is not enough if the skills are not there. We are proud to say that our team of HVAC technicians are the best in the country. They are certified and licensed to perform different kinds of heating and cooling services, no matter what the size is. Most of all, they continually receive training to keep them in the loop about the latest methods and practices in the industry.

All these claims are backed by hundreds of clients we have serviced over the years. Most of our clients are repeat customers and have been referred by other clients because they are confident about the service we provide.

Skilled and Reliable HVAC Experts

Reliability is not just about answering your call promptly and showing up on time. It also means repairing your HVAC unit or system thoroughly so you will enjoy it for a long time.

HVAC Ottawa Care is all that – we don’t cut corners and charge you with an expensive service charge. Our years as a heating and cooling Ottawa company has enabled us to know every HVAC problem there is like we know the back of our hands.

When you get our services, the HVAC expert you’ll get is guaranteed:

  • Skilled and Certified: Our team is not only skilled but they are all certified by the state. Our young and new technicians have worked as apprentices to our experienced HVAC professionals until they know the ins and outs of HVAC repair and installation. Most of all, they all receive continuing courses and seminars to keep them relevant with the latest trends and technology in the HVAC industry.
  • Friendly and Courteous: Our team will treat you and your property with utmost care. We value your time and your property and will give you the respect and consideration you deserve. After all, your satisfaction and smiles are our greatest reward.
  • Clean: Who wants a messy and unkempt technician arriving at your door? Our team of HVAC experts is also the face of the company so we make sure that they represent HVAC Ottawa Care properly. That cleanliness isn’t just about appearances but also in their service. That means they clean up after they finish their work making sure they leave no mess behind.
  • Insured: Our team is also covered and that gives you added peace of mind.
  • Drug-Tested: We don’t just hire our technicians based on their skills. Each of them goes through a rigorous background check and drug tests before we hire them. To ensure that they are always clean, we conduct random drug tests throughout their tenure as an HVAC expert at our company.
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