Finding an HVAC pro in Ottawa is not difficult these days with Google spewing almost all the information you need. In fact, it is not surprising to find out that might be more than 10 contractors in a city. What’s difficult is finding one whom you can actually trust and rely on for your HVAC services. Someone who does not just guarantee timely service but a thorough job.

The easiest way to do this is to ask family and friends to ask for referrals. But, let’s say, you don’t have this luxury? Here are a few tips how you can find one:

Do Your Homework

As mentioned, you can find almost anything on Google. Make a list of the different HVAC service contractors in your area and compare the services they offer along with their rates and charges. You can check the testimonials as well to see what their clients are saying about them.

You should not also forget to check their liability insurance, licensing, and bonding. A contractor who has these in place shows that they are reliable and professional.
It also helps if they have an office where you can place your complaints, if there are any, later.

Call references

A good and reliable contractor is not afraid to give references if you ask them for it. Once you got the list of references, call them and ask about the HVAC contractor’s performance. Did they stay on the budget? Was their installation or repair service thorough and excellent? Were there any hidden charges?

Check the complaints

To balance the good and the bad, you should also check whether that particular contractor you’ve chosen has received any complaints. The best place to look for it is in your city’s Chamber of Commerce or Consumer Affairs.


You will know right away if the contractor is trustworthy the moment they pick up the phone and answer your call. Did they keep the scheduled time for the assessment? And speaking of assessments, be wary of a contractor who will give you an estimate on the phone. It might be common these days, logically, however, no one can quote an estimate without going to the place first and make a thorough assessment of it.
You can also tell how skillful an HVAC contractor is if they are able to determine exactly what the problem is after the assessment. They should also be able to tell you what needs to be done as well as the cost and time of the whole process.

Aside from the given tips above, you should also be careful of choosing the lowest bidder. Not because a service is cheap means it is also good. Remember what they always say, “cheap is expensive.” On the other hand, a good HVAC service does not necessarily mean it has to break the bank. Remember, an honest and reliable HVAC service contractor will give you a reasonable price and will have no hidden or extra charges.