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The furnace keeps you warm in the winter and a broken one during this season means danger. That’s why there is no time to waste when it fails. You can count on HVAC Ottawa Care to help you fan away that winter cold with our timely and reliable furnace repair and furnace installation Ottawa services.

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When you’re furnace fails and left unfixed longer than necessary, not only you are in danger of freezing but your pipes as well. When they freeze, they are also in danger of breaking because the cold makes them brittle.

You might attempt a DIY furnace repair Ottawa, which can become a very costly mistake if you don’t know how to do it. Furnaces are complicated equipment; thus, it takes a seasoned technician to repair it. They can determine what’s wrong with the machine and provide the necessary solution for the problem.

Whether you need a simple repair or need to replace a part, our skilled technicians at HVAC Ottawa Care can do that for you. We also install new units if there is really a need to do so.

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Sometimes, it will take more than fixing or replacing your furnace. If your furnace is already worn out, buying a new unit might be the best option.

HVAC Ottawa Care will not just provide furnace repair Ottawa services but will also guide you through the process of choosing the right furnace for your house or business establishment. We will give you an in-depth review of each furnace type, brand, and feature. We will explain the advantages and drawbacks of each type.

Why Isn’t My Furnace Working?

A furnace is made of many parts – big and small. It has motors, blades, fans, bearings, and belts. Just a teeny weeny problem can affect its performance. Worse, that simple damage can cause it to stop working entirely.

Some of the most common furnace repair Ottawa problems are:


Dirty Filter

Dirt accumulates overtime is something is not cleaned on a regular basis. The same goes true for your furnace. This accumulated dirt can clog the pipes and affect how air flows into your house. This places an additional strain on your furnace which can shorten its lifespan.


Ignition Control Problem

If the ignition control or pilot light of the furnace is not working properly, the furnace will not heat up.


Thermostat Problem

The thermostat controls the temperature of your house. If it is faulty, your house can become too cold or too hot. If left unfixed, the furnace can altogether shut down.

Thermostat Setting the Temperature


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You want your furnace to work in tip-top shape as well and safe and reliable. Thus, it is important to have it cleaned or checked regularly. This will also prevent any emergency from happening.